To form a peaceful society where spirituality and wisdom replace the narrow-minded religious divide among humans.

Why Ramayana?

Ramayana teaches life skills, with which one can keep aside one’s weaknesses and move forward by focusing only on one’s strengths. It will not only make people stick to dharma but also stand by it and fight for it. Like Lord Rama, they will befriend only good people even if they are found to be less powerful and will avoid bad friends even if they are more powerful. Slowly, with the help of all good people, firmly ever stuck to dharma, having faith in themselves and faith in the highest cosmic power, they will march towards success. They can even attain liberation if they do not have any accrued karma phal (karmic debt) to experience.

Shame that Narottam is not known to the whole world!

It is perplexing why the story of Lord Ram is not known outside the Indian subcontinent. Could our ancestors act selfishly by withholding the wisdom of the supreme Brahman from other continents? Who should shoulder the blame for keeping this knowledge confined to ourselves and failing to pass it on? For what reasons was it not taken worldwide? Alternatively, Could it be possible that Ram temples were once present all over the world but have been destroyed by evil rulers, leading to the disappearance of the dharmic narrative? There could be numerous reasons contributing to this phenomenon. The outcome? The global consequences are evident. Society is currently enduring the repercussions of radical ideologies. However, the greatest paradox lies in the fact that the root cause of this suffering remains unknown. Even if an educated individual asserts that the absence of the principles of Karma and Dharma in the hearts of individuals and politicians, is the underlying cause of all our predicaments, they will be met with ridicule and cyber bullying. At times, even this knowledgeable person may begin to question their own dharmic compass.

Religion is the most insane invention ever in the History of mankind.

The concept of God, aimed at providing insight into our origins, purpose, and the essential aspects of life, namely Karma and Dharma, seems to be having an adverse effect on human progress. While some advocate for blind faith or face dire consequences, others claim that belief can lead to miraculous healing. Additionally, there are those who assert that belief will grant unimaginable pleasures in the afterlife, surpassing any earthly enjoyment.

The questions that we have to ask ourselves are: Why should I come to earth to go to heaven? Why can't I go there directly? All said an done where did i come from? Did i ever exist before i was here? If I have existed at some place, then why can't I go back to the same place? Why should I go to heaven, leaving my source where I existed from infinite time in the past? If I hadn't existed anywhere before I came to the earth plane, then my soul has a date of birth. This means it will obviously have a date of death.

In the place where darkness prevails, evil rules. Then, these questions are never permitted. They may cost one's life. In such scenarios, the people's wisdom will slowly die with generations, and the logical mind will become permanently numb. It will lose its rationality and stop thinking. When there is no thinking, there cannot be questioning. When the rational part of the humans dies, they comfortably ignore the good deeds of the divine men and the bad deeds of the evil men. This is the time when our society requires a correction.

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Noxious and deleterious consequences of not knowing Ramayana?

Ramayana is a potent vaccine and an antidote to adharma and violence. What happens if that vaccine Is not made available to people worldwide? Undoubtedly, ignorance will spread, evil propels, and adharma & Ashanti will prevail there. And finally, Adharma will be looked at as Dharma, and Dharma will be looked at as Adharma.

If Ram is not remembered as a hero by the world, distorted knowledge will prevail. As a result, individuals without wisdom will be revered as role models. This will result in a multitude of unfortunate incidents, inflicting significant harm upon humanity. Frequently, we tend to disregard such occurrences when they transpire in distant places, unaware of the devastation they inflict on people's lives. However, if we have chosen to ignore them, we cannot complain when evil strikes close to home. Currently, evil is directly challenging us, necessitating our undivided attention. We must adeptly educate it or else risk succumbing to its influence.

If ignorance increases, it will pose a massive threat to wisdom. Blindness increased year by year since 3000 BCE. We ignored the disease for centuries. We have travelled very long without eyes. Now, when over 95% of people have become blind, the people with eyesight are being treated as sick people. They will be mocked for what they can see. When people are not introduced to iconic people like Rama with divine nature, they will automatically be introduced to people of a demonic nature. Evil dominates the world only when good fails to do its job.

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Let us drive away the ignorance with wisdom.

It is crucial to acknowledge that darkness is not an entity on its own, but simply the absence of light. Therefore, instead of blaming others for the prevailing darkness, let us focus on enlightening our lives with the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana. By delving into the itihasa, the unaltered history of Lord Rama, the world will be astounded and amazed at the discovery of such an extraordinary character that remained unknown for all these years.

The tale of Ram has the power to not only inspire individuals to uphold righteousness, but also to stand up for it and defend it. Even those from different religious backgrounds, upon hearing the epic Ramayana, are captivated and yearn to hear it repeatedly. Witnessing Ram's journey teaches them to set aside their weaknesses and focus on their strengths as they move forward. They will seek out the company of virtuous individuals, regardless of their power, and avoid toxic friendships, even if they possess great influence. Gradually, with the support of their loyal companions, unwavering commitment to righteousness, self-belief, and faith in a higher power, they will triumphantly march towards success. Moreover, once our minds become strong and dharmic, there shall be peace and harmony everywhere. People will stop fighting on the name and form of god, and will learn that it is only our karma and dharma that decide our lives, and the blessing or curse can never be a personal discretion of god.

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Insane citizenship - a boon for politicians.

The more the people become ignorant, non-issues will become issues, and real issues will become non-issues. The ignorant and foolish citizenship will become a boon for politicians, as they can easily manipulate them and multiply their assets. So, If we can instill wisdom and righteousness in the people, they will naturally discern which issues are worth fighting for and which are not. They will be able to choose their leaders wisely and avoid those who are unfit. This discernment and judgement will serve as a reminder to governments, prompting them to prioritize the greater good.

Digitising Valmiki Ramayana for the first time in the world.

We have taken up the noble task of digitising Complete Ramayana with Meanings for the first time in the world in English, Hindi and Telugu to start with. We can start this project if we can get 3000 sponsors who can donate Rs.1200/- each. Our call centre volunteers will start calling people for sponsorship from Jan 22′ 2024, and we hope to get the required donors by 17th April 2024, Ram Navami day. For more details, please visit our website, www.valmikiramayana.in, People may Gpay to 89779 31068 and WhatsApp the donation (Gpay payment confirmation) confirmation to the same number. Ms.Reshma will verify the receipt of the amount and acknowledge the same. One may call us on 8520933933 for any doubts.

Gita University & Film Making!

Our Foundation has a goal to establish and train 10,000 Gita gurus (Karma Yoga gurus) globally, with one guru for every 1 million people outside of India, by 2035. These gurus are like trees that provide shade, shelter, and peace to millions of individuals, so they should multiply like large trees. They require suitable soil and environment to thrive and flourish. Therefore, we aim to spread positive energy related to Lord Rama and Krishna worldwide by 2027. This will attract potential Gita gurus to join Gita University and help people approach our sathsanghs with a reasonable understanding of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

Throughout 3500 years in the past, all of these nations have been under the influence of delusional ideologies such as “believe or face death,” “Believe and secure a place in paradise,” “I have arrived to save sinners,” “every individual is inherently sinful,” “There is no concept of rebirth,” “Other species do not possess souls,” “Disregard for the nurturing essence of mother nature,” “Lack of faith in celestial beings,” “Denial of the existence of infinite universes,” and “Blessings bestowed solely based on one’s beliefs rather than their actions.” Regrettably, these detrimental philosophies have severely impaired the logical framework of humanity, necessitating a comprehensive restoration starting from the very core of their DNA.

So, we wish to detox the world and establish the meaning of Dharma with Rama’s character and the purpose of Life with Krishna’s character; hence, we propose making these films. These cinematic creations will feature actors representing the seven prominent ethnicities across the globe. By securing the necessary funds of 800-1000 crores for these two films and scheduling their release in 2026 and 2027, we will create a conducive atmosphere for our Karma Yoga mentors to showcase their abilities and aspirations fully.

The complete finances of this project will be managed by the most ethical individuals from the world’s oldest Hindu organization. As for the filmmaking aspect, a team comprising of highly esteemed film fraternities from Mumbai and four South Indian states will be responsible. We are currently in the process of reaching out to five reputable film fraternities to oversee this project. Once we receive approval from the individuals we believe are suitable to lead this endeavor, we will make the necessary announcements to the public.

We have estimated the production cost for the English version of the film as 200 crores. The dubbing expenses for the film in the 20 most popular languages worldwide have been budgeted at ten crores per language. Furthermore, for promotional costs in 20 countries, we anticipate a need for 100 more crores. The total budget will be 500 crores for a 3-hour film on Lord Rama in 20 languages. Therefore, in order to produce a film centered around Lord Rama, we will need the support of 1 million Indians who can contribute an average of Rs.5000/- each. Similarly, to produce a film based on Lord Krishna, we will require the assistance of 1 lakh individuals from the 20 lakh Hindus residing in the USA, who can donate an average of $675 per person. The profits generated from these films will be utilized to establish 1000 Gita Bhavans (Karma Yoga Centers) outside of India. It is also acceptable if corporations such as Reliance choose to produce these films with a profit motive.

Why crowdfunding?

The collapse of dharma in the world can be attributed primarily to the unity of adharmic individuals in constructing an irrational society. Conversely, those who adhere to dharma lack sensitivity towards their environment. Their sole focus lies in incessantly pursuing wealth and tending to their families, disregarding the broader implications. This oblivious mindset has resulted in a significant decline of dharma, plummeting from its peak of 100% three millennia ago to a mere 15% at present. It is well-known that when virtuous individuals relinquish their positions, unintelligent individuals seize the forefront. So, unless or otherwise 1% of the dharmic people from the existing 1 billion of the 8 billion world population come forward and help dharmic organizations even as little as 100 rupees a month, till the dharmic population becomes a majority, we feel the future to be horrible.

Over the years, there have been instances where individuals who uphold righteous principles and possess wealth have emerged to provide financial support for projects aligned with these principles. We have seen videos on social media showcasing instances where even birds and animals have successfully extinguished fire they noticed in their surroundings. We must learn from these creatures and emulate their actions by actively supporting righteous causes. Failure to do so may result in the emergence of another poet akin to Martin Niemöller, who will lament the cowardice of Hindus worldwide after the year 2050, when the complete Sanatana dharma has vanished, highlighting their inaction in combating Adharma or safeguarding Dharma. Furthermore, securing funding from corporations has become increasingly challenging due to their demanding schedules and various other factors. Therefore, in addition to the financial backing from affluent individuals for Dharmic projects, it would be remarkable to witness at least 0.1% of the 100 crore Hindus stepping forward to support the production of films that will reintroduce the lost values of Dharma to the world.

When should we donate?

Step 1: Our first course of action involves assembling a board of at least three highly reputable individuals who will spearhead this project. Once this is accomplished, we will make a formal announcement conducting a national press conference at Mumbai or Delhi and initiate a call for donations. We are hoping to conclude the 3 people who can motivate the people to donate for this cause by April 2024.

Step 2: Subsequently, individuals will have the opportunity to express their willingness to contribute either Rs.5000/- for the Lord Rama film or $675 for the Lord Krishna film.

Step 3: Once we have garnered the necessary support, we will disclose the production team involved and proceed with finalizing the film schedules.

Step 4: Following this, individuals will have the option to donate the pledged amount in the name of organizations such as VHP or any equivalent entity that agrees to oversee the production.

Step 5: Our plan entails releasing the film centered around Lord Ram in December 2025, followed by the film dedicated to Lord Krishna in December 2026.

(You may just leave your name and no need to donate now)

We have taken up digitizing the Complete 24000 shlokas of Valmiki Ramayana with Meanings for the first time in the world in English, Hindi and Telugu. We are looking for 3000 sponsors who can donate as little as Rs.1200/-. Please visit our website for more details.

Bhagawat Gita Foundation for Vedic Studies has done 3 styles of Bhagawad Gita in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and a few other languages. All of them are made available on our YouTube channels. One may pick the below link to see them.

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